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Handlebar Mount


From motorcycles, to bicycles to strollers, mount your phone quickly and securely with the Case by Case handlebar mount.

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  • Magnetic attachment system connects securely to Infinity Case
  • Compatible with strollers, bikes, motorcycles -- even paddle board paddles!
  • Built in grooves allow for rings on Infinity Case to lock in, providing 3 points of contact 
  • Universal attachment system allows for compatibility across all Infinity Case models.


  • Tested up to 150mph 
  • Fits handlebars from 
  • mm x mm x mm



Slim Profile

Ultra rugged and super functional. All in a streamlined design that easily slides into pockets and purses

solid stand

Flush-mount, zinc alloy C-rings fold out, making an extremely stable and easy way to prop your phone up to watch and share your screen, hands-free.

sure grip

Finger holds provide super stable grip for your hands when taking selfies, taking action videos, or just making sure you never drop your phone.

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