CXC Launch Pack


Transform your smartphone into an all-purpose device and go wherever adventure takes you. From everyday usage to extreme activities, Case by Case is the most versatile mobile accessory system on the market. 

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Estimated Delivery 

iPhone 6/6s/7/8: June 2019 

iPhone Plus Models, X/s, XsMax, Xr: Summer 2019

The CXC Launch Pack INcludes:

  • Case X
  • Power Bank
  • Slim Bumper
  • Wallet
  • Wall Mount

Case X


We took the acronym of our name and Case by Case became CXC. We flipped the 2nd C around which gave us our version of the infinity sign. From here, engineering drove it home. Using the very limited real estate on the back of the phone, we were able to embed this and seamlessly brand our case while also serving as the pinnacle of our universal mounting point. In a crowded market, we needed our logo to be absolutely unforgettable. Utility and efficiency maximize your infinite potential in perfect harmony paving the way to use your phone on a Case by Case basis.


  • Magnetic key lock attachment platform
  • Flush backing allows for wireless charging compatibility
  • Built in kickstand and assisted finger hold
  • C Rings double as tension locks for additional accessories

Tech Specs

  • CXC signature waterproof, soft-touch material
  • Mobile phone/credit card friendly magnets

Power Bank


The CXC power bank helps you cut ties with your current charging method and power your phone on the go. Simply connect the power bank to Case X with the magnetic X attachment and plug the cable into your phone via the Lightning adapter.


  •  2600 mAh capacity gives phone one full charge
  • Magnetic attachment system connects securely to Case X
  • Accommodates multiple devices with Micro-USB cable, Lightning adapter and USB-C adapter

Tech Specs

  • 2600 mAh
  • 96mm x 62mm x 7mm

Slim Bumper


Plus up the protection on your phone with the CXC slim bumper. Easily slides around the perimeter of Case X providing added protection from every day wear and tear. We'll be adding more colors in the near future!


  •  Flexible yet durable silicone

Tech Specs



Quickly transform your phone into a wallet by connecting Case X to the magnetic attachment system embedded in the wallet. Equipped with credit card slots and an additional storage pocket for cash/receipts, the CXC wallet also works conjointly with the slim bumper, our signature curved tempered glass and attachable power bank.


  •  Magnetic attachment system connects securely to Case X
  • 3 slots holds up to 6 cards
  • Additional pocket for cash/receipts
  • Magnetic clasp 

Tech Specs

  • Soft denim material

Wall mount


Connect your phone to anything with the CXC wall mount. From the kitchen, to your nightstand and everywhere in between


  • Magnetic attachment system connects securely to Case X
  • 3M adhesive allows you to place wall mount wherever you want 

Tech Specs

  • 50mm x 80mm  
  • Compatible with all Case X models

No Need for a power outlet. Charge wheneveR And wherever

CXC 2600mAh Power Bank battery easily attaches and detaches to the back of your Case X. Providing up to one full charge (depending on use), it’s compatible with any Case X model and can be used independently with other smartphones and devices.


Choose the level of protection based off of your current activity. Starting with a minimalistic profile of Case X, easily add and interchange between a non-cumbersome daily slim bumper or a robust buoyant bumper that’s great for water and extreme activities as well as toddlers. Whatever you are up to, we got you covered.


Create your own personalized ecosystem of accessories. Quickly and easily switch-over from the Wallet, to the Handlebar Mount (sold separately), to the Action Mount (sold separately). Our accessories are universal to fit all Case X models so you won’t have to start over and repurchase accessories every time you upgrade your phone.

convenient mounting so your phone always has a home

From the kitchen wall, to the office cubicle and even your bedside table, CXC gives you the power to mount your phone wherever you need it most.

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