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A Logo is the Embodiment of a brand 

A brand is the identity associated with the logo 

In this ‘case’ our brand is meant to be more than narcissistic initials or a superficial symbol. 

While most brands use their logo to distinguish and separate themselves from everyone, ours exists to connect… literally! 

Look closely and you will see we used the acronym CXC from our name and created a geo-symmetrical version of the 

Infinity sign that provides actual value through utility function, not just perceived value through identification. 

With utility, versatility, dynamic function and infinite potential all wrapped up in our logo, we made sure to put it to work for you connecting with everybody and everything. The infinity logo is always the same size on each case so you can share accessories with friends or upgrade your phone model without having to replace the attachments you already purchased. 

Our logo even earned the coveted CES Innovation Award, so deservingly it belongs in a Show Case, but it has far greater purpose in Yo’ Case! Welcome to the CXC community and thank you for entrusting us with such a valuable piece of your life. 

We promise to do everything we can to keep you and your phone:





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