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If You Don't Know...Now You Know!

How durable is the case? Have you done any drop tests?

So many companies brag about their "Military Drop Test Standards" (which actually don't even mean anything) and more often than not, drop tests are done without a device even inside the case. This is definitely NOT how we operate at Case by Case. To prove it, check out the video below for how we put our cases to the ultimate test - with a REAL phone inside the case. 

*Disclaimer: I'm not recommending you try this at home but this certainly shows what we're able to handle!

Is the case compatible with wireless charging?

Yes! We are compatible with the Qi® charging standard.

Want to know more about Qi® charging? Click HERE.

How do I use the battery?

Check out this video for a comprehensive 'how to' and 'troubleshooting' tutorial to get you charged up with Case by Case.

How do I take the case off?

The case is designed to have a little more snap because we encourage people to do extreme things with their case like mount on a handlebar or even jump out of a plane with our action mount. We find that it’s best to go from the bottom left corner opposite the camera, and peel the corner back that way in order to separate the phone from the case

Can I still use my CXC accessories after I upgrade my phone?

Yes. We specifically design our collection so that your add-on accessories are universal and stay relevant. This is because the “CXC” utility logo, that serves as the attachment system on the back will always remain the same size when you upgrade regardless of brand and model. 

***Accessories that are specific to the phone’s size that are not universal:bumpers&glass screen protector.

Will the magnets in the case affect my phone?

Simple answer, the magnets don't affect your phone. We use Apple and Samsung’s specification guide to design our cases so there is no interference between the inner workings of the phone and the case. We then test, and personally use all of our products to ensure its the best. Full disclosure, weak magnetic hotel room keys don’t stand a chance (but they also wont work once zapped by your phone signal. Most hotels are upgrading to NFC which is not affected.)Check out this article: 5 Reasons a Magnetic Phone Mount is Safe for your Smartphone 

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