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Typically this is the part...

of the website where we tell you about our values, and how great we are, how much we care about our customers and how you always come first and the most important thing is mission and that you feel good, right? Nahhhh… We are not here to dwell on the past and talk about how we won the CES Innovation award with zero electronics before we launched, or how we became Amazon’s choice within three weeks of listing even with an outdated case model, or how a pharmaceutical company contracted us to start making medical accessories for our case before we even sold a single unit 😉.

All we are about is Infinite Potential.

Potential in its own right is infinite because there are unlimited talents to hone, even if you were to master 1000 of them. Here’s what we know. We are seeing everyone out there peaking human abilities to new heights that were inconceivable before and being action junkies our selves we are getting inspired! We would be honored to rep for everyone out there making big moves! We know how you are using your phones and the one-dimensional case technology out there just isn’t able to bridge the capabilities of your talents and the capabilities of your phone and still be practical enough for your 99% mostly keepin’ it under 150mph lifestyle. We have one reason for getting into the mundane boring mobile accessory industry and that’s to SHAKE $#!+ UP! Honestly, we have FOMO! Fear Of Missing Out on all the amazing amazing things people are accomplishing.


CXC is going to constantly strive to bring you the best products and the best quality so you finally feel like you have someone in your corner when it comes to outfittin’ your smartphone.