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to win the Innovation Award for the largest and most coveted Consumer Electronic Show (CES), without having a single electronic component built in? We did. Case by Case (CXC) is revolutionizing mobile accessories as the iPhone did cell phones.While the touch face of your phone provides a platform for infinite software applications, we utilize the undeveloped real estate on the back of your phone to provide a universal platform for infinite hardware applications. Our low-tech approach provides intuitive yet critical functionality to charge, carry, protect and mount your phone in ways that enhance every possible use.

With One Case...

attachments can be interchanged on a “Case by Case” basis so it serves as a personal ecosystem that truly adapts to fit your lifestyle. CXC is an acronym of our name (CX backward C), forms the infinity sign, and allows us to live Case by Case: “Attach Yourself to Infinite Possibilities”. From a functional perspective: The 2 C-rings fold out and serve as kickstands, additional finger hold loops and tension locks when used with our mount accessories. The X functions as the magnetic key lock that securely holds all corresponding accessories in place. We’ve coined the new industry of “mobile real-estate”and begun the race to claim the back of every smartphone and maximize the proprietary utility value of it. Never before has anyone’s logo encompassed the representation of their company to the extent ours does by marrying function, with recognition.

Our utility logo is unforgettable, expected to remain constant and fuels our overall mission: 

to establish the most prominent lifestyle brand of interchangeable, shareable, and adaptable proprietary mobile accessories

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